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Top 3 Clash Royale Decks for Dominating Arena 1

Strategy Guide

For players just getting into Clash Royale, one of the most confusing aspect is on how to build the best deck to give yourself a chance to win. With so many combinations of cards available that you can use to form a deck, it can be downright overwhelming to make your picks. In our beginners guide for Clash Royale, we discussed on the basics of building the best dicks as a newbie. Here are some of the best performing decks you can use as a beginner in Arena 1.
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1. Prince Featuring Deck for Arena 1

Arena 1 Deck with prince

Prince: good hit point, tank, melee troop

Archer: ranged attacker

Giant: tank

Musketeer: Ranged attacker

Goblin spearman: ranged attacker

Bomber: compliments prince, as he is weak to hordes of troops

Fireball: compliments prince, use on hordes

Arrow: compliments prince, use on hordes

Strategy Of This Deck Combo

You have 2 melee tanks in Prince and Giants to soak up all the damage and deal out melee damage. Because Prince is weak to hordes of enemies, it is important to support your prince with splash damaging card in Bomber. Also, ranged attackers in Musketeers, Archer and Goblin spearman are excellent range attackers that compliments your melee troops. Fireball and Arrow are also essential in both offense and defense to deal tons of damage quickly.

2. Witch Featuring Deck for Arena 1

Arena 1 deck featuring witch

Witch: splash damage causing epic troop with great range

Giant: one of the best tank, ready to soak up any damage

Musketeers: Ranged attacker to compliment the melees

Arrow: Controls a horde of troops

Fireball: Powerful spell to weaken troops and buildings

Spear goblins: ranged attacker

Archer: ranged attacker

Knight: another tank that will take attention away from other waker units

Strategy Of This Deck Combo

BY using the knight and giants as frontline of the battle, you enable the other ranged attacks to unleash loads of damage. Witch is an epic card that can deal a ton of splash damage to devastate your opponent. Throw in some powerful spells like arrows and fireball, you have a completely balance guide ready to rock Arena 1.

3. Baby Dragon Featuring Deck for Arena 1

Arena 1 Deck Featuring Baby Dragon

Baby Dragon: flying unit that deals splash damage. Excellent counter to grouped units with low hitpoints.

Musketter: heavy range attacker that works well with Baby Dragon

Giant: Powerful melee tank with high hitpoints to divert attention from your baby dragon

Archers: ranged damage dealer

Goblin spearman: ranged damage to support your frontline

Arrows: Spell to control hordes of troops

Bomb Tower: Great for both offense and defense

Knight: heavy tank ready to deal melee damage

Strategy Of This Deck Combo

This is essentially the same deck as the #2 on the list, the witch deck. Primary difference is in replacing Baby Dragon with Witch. The advantage to this deck for Arena 1 is that Baby Dragon can fly, which can impose a lot of trouble for your opponent if they are not prepared to deal with air units. Send in the melee tanks in first with Baby Dragon in tow, with ranged damage to support your army.

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