How to Earn More Gems Without Paying For It


Everyone wants and need more gems in Clash Royale. In fact, the surefire way to shoot up the arena levels fast is by having a ton of gems which can then be used for buying chests and unlocking those rare and epic cards. However, earning gems is a slow and tedious task in Clash Royale, with no reliable way of farming them straight up without adding them with gem generator for Clash Royale. There are currently 2 methods of getting free gems in Clash Royale without having to purchase them.: Achievements and from chests.

gem generator for clash royale

Getting Gems from Free Chest and Crown Chest

Only free chests and crown chests contain gems, anywhere from 2 to 4. Giant, Magical and Super Magical Chests will NOT contain any gems. Free chests are generated every 4 hours but you can only hold 2 of them at a time. By logging in every 8 hours to open the chests, you can actually get up to 6 chests per day.

Getting Gems Through Achievements

Achievements are another way to earn some gems in an easy way. On top of gems, you can also earn Experience for earning them.

Here is a full list of achievements and how much gems and experience can be had by obtaining them.

  1. By getting into any Clan, you are rewarded with 100 gems and 10 experience points.
  2. Donate cards that you do not need:
    1. 25 cards = 3 gems + 5 experience
    2. 250 cards = 5 gems + 10 experience
    3. 2,500 cards = 10 gems + 20 experience
  3. By getting to higher arena, you can unlock free gems
    1. Arena 2 = 3 gems + 5 experience
    2. Arena 4 = 5 gems + 10 experience
    3. Arena 6 = 10 gems + 20 experience
  4. Collect cards to unlock the ‘Gatherer’ achievement
    1. 20 cards = 3 gems + 5 experience
    2. 30 cards = 5 gems + 10 experience
    3. 40 cards = 10 gems + 20 experience

Price of Gems If Purchased at the Shop

Buying gems is the fastest way to get gems but obviously not the most desired method. However, this doesn’t stop players from winning their way to the top by buying gems that gives unfair advantage over other cash-strapped players.

Here is a full cost breakdown for gems in USD.

# of Gems Cost Name
80 Gems $0.99 1 Fistful
500 Gems $4.99 1 Pouch
1,200 Gems $9.99 1 Bucket
2,500 Gems $19.99 1 Barrel
6,500 Gems $49.99 1 Wagon
14,000 Gems $99.99 1 Mountain


Other Methods of Getting Gems Without Buying Them

There are free apps that allows you to earn points by installing and trying out mobile apps, which can then be used to get free gift cards. This isn’t the favorite method of getting gems for many, but if you are desperate and have a lot of free time, it is a reliable way. After trying out the app, you can delete them and still retain the points you have gained.

It’s important to work with reputable companies to do this with and here are some of the better ones I’ve had in completing surveys and offers in exchange for Clash Royale gems.

1. Appbounty is an app that you can use to get points that can be converted to iTunes or Google Play gift card codes that you can redeem for gems and gold.

2. Cash-for-apps: Tends to be easier to earn points with than Appbounty. You can redeem 300 points for $1 in various forms of gift cards and in-app purchases.

3. MyFreeApps: Same as the other two but downside to this one is that you need a verified Facebook account to use. You can also share the app on FB and Twitter to earn more credits.

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