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How To Get Chests Including Magical and Super Magical Chests


There are 7 chests in game that will reward you with the riches (in forms of gems and gold, which can also be accessed by using the Clash Royale gem hacks) and unlock rare and epic cards. Higher tier chests will yield better rewards than lower tier chests, with the rarer chests requiring longer time to unlock. All chests may contain Rare and Epic cards, but only chests you receive from Arena 5 and above have a chance to give you a highly coveted Legendary Card.
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Full list of chests in Clash Royale and how to obtain them

  1. Wooden Chest (FREE): You will be rewarded with this chest after completing the Tutorial successfully. Takes 15 seconds to unlock. You can only store up to 2 free chests, and you will have to open at least one before a new chest will respawn. Contains gold, gems and cards.
  2. Crown Chest: Earn 10 crowns from a battle and you will be get the crown chest, which contains free gems, gold and cards. You can open this chest with no wait time and it will respawn again in 24 hours.
  3. Silver Chest: Costs 18 gems or 3 hours unlock, obtained by winning a battle. Contains gold, cards and gems (not guaranteed).
  4. Golden Chest: Costs 48 gems or 8 hours to unlock. You can get golden chest by winning a battle. Contains 70 – 304 gold coins (depending on the arena level), guaranteed 1 – 3 rare cards and chance for epic cards as well.
  5. Giant Chest: 12 hours to unlock or it will cost you 72 gems. You can buy this directly in the Shop with gems. Higher Arena you are in, more gems it will cost. Can contain anywhere from 550 to 2,470 gold and assortments of cards which can be rare or epic.
  6. Magical chests: 12 hours respawn time or 72 gems to unlock. You can win this chest in a battle or purchase them in a shop with gems.
  7. Super Magical Chest: Takes whopping 24 hours to unlock or 144 gems to open. Buy it from the shop or win the battle to be rewarded with it. Stored inside is 1,200 to 5,700 gold and good chance of giving you rare and epic cards.

H3. Full costs to Get Giant, Magical and Super Magical Chests

Giant, Magical and Super Magical chests can be won from the battles like other chests. However, unlike the Wodden, Crown, Silver and Gold chests, you are also able to buy them with gems from the shops. All three chests give you a chance of rare and legendary cards, and higher tier chests will give you better rewards than the lower tiered ones.

Arena Number Giant Chest Cost Magical Chest Cost Super Magical Chest Cost
1 210 320 1,600
2 250 400 2,100
3 300 470 2,500
4 320 500 2,800
5 350 600 3,100
6 380 600 3,400
7 410 700 3,700
8 490 800 4,600



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