Tips on Getting More Gold Fast and Easy


Gold is the primary currency in Clash Royale and it is a key resource to getting a lot of things done in the game.  Since Legendary cards can cost up to quarter of a million gold to get them to the final form, you better start collecting the gold when you can and however you can. There are a few methods of obtaining the gold in game and we will go into the top tips we have on how to get more gold.

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  1. Since chests always contains gold inside, it would be wise to get as many chests you can to facilitate in collection of gold. Refer to our guide on obtaining chests to see how you can get them and get your grubby hands on those shiny gold coins.
  2. Take advantage of donating your cards. For each card you donate, you will be rewarded with gold. For a common card, you can get 5 gold. For a rare card, you can get 50 gold. There is a cap on donating cards: 60 cards per day. Don’t overlook donations because they can quickly add up if you do it daily. You can earn up to 2,000 to 4,000 gold just by doing this.

One little known arbitrage trick you can take advantage of is by buying gold and reselling them. A common card will give you 2 gold by this transaction, whereas rare card will net you 10 gold. Having a clan-mate or a second account will let you do this in an efficient way.

If you have an Android device, download an Clash Royale APK and install it to get your ‘second’ Clash Royale account to exploit this.


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